Case Study – Primavera

What if you had Sunday on Monday … every week?

What if such management of the company was less time-consuming and more effective thanks to the digital revolution?

Do you like this idea? We’ll tell you how we did that!
Your company operates according to the assumptions, and you control it with a watch.
Stylish, designer watch! Can you imagine that?

„If we understand how the universe works, in a sense we can control it”

Stephen Hawking

We created the VINCI algorithm

Vinci is the optimization of production with simultaneous saving of time and your money. 
It’s an intelligent technology that began a digital revolution at Primavera Furniture. 

How does it work?

The system collects data regarding employee competences. Using the current information, it works in the real state:


It assigns tasks to employees at the workplace.


A manager notifies about the state of production and execution of an order.


In addition, it motivates and informs about current performance.

And all this thanks to the creation of a learning module.

How does it do that?

It optimizes work of the factory, communicating with the manager and employee through a touch screen and watch!

Yes – in a small watch, we have closed a simple and intuitive service with an intelligent VINCI system. We have not forgotten all about its stylish and designer look 🙂
One or two touches, and the production order is ready.
Easy and pleasant, plus fast and effective!

Did VINCI fulfil its task?

Robert Hestkowski, Primavera Furniture.

„As far away as atoms and stars, we expand the boundaries of cognition to embrace the smallest and the most distant things with them.”

Stephen Hawking

And you… do you have time?
Tools used to work on the project