The devil is in the communication

Success is the result of the right decision.
Thanks to one of them, 15 years ago, the President of ITM 15 found himself on the Stena Line.

Furninova was the first foreign company in which we implemented Saturn.
However, when we entered the competition for the implementation of software for the Swedish company Furninova, Scandinavia was ahead of Poland by light years.

At the first presentation Dariusz Racz, President of ITM, took a ferry with a heavy bag, a desktop computer in one hand and a 17-inch monitor in the other. It turned out that something else was more important.

„Logic will take you from point A to point B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

15 years

of cooperation

Who won?
Of course whoever was better.

We won with creativity, knowledge and also the unspoken promise
that ITM is not just a software supplier.
It is a partner who stays to support and motivate in development.
This cooperation has been lasting for over 15 years.

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> Polish-Swedish negotiations. See the interview of ITM President Dariusz Racz with the CEO of Furninova, Benny Nilsson.

We started from a very difficult position, because processing huge amounts of data required fast and reliable internet connections.

At a time when a modem was used to connect to the network, at the speed of 56 kilobits per second, you could have only dreamed about fast internet.

And once again, we have overcome the technological barriers

On the basis of Saturn, we have created a dedicated application expanded with sales options.

Data flow through Saturn in numbers:

Staying ahead of technology is our specialty

A few years ago, we created a concept for Furninova involving a maintenance-free physical store in which customers personalize furniture using touch screens. They can also place orders there.

At the time it seemed as distant as a flight to Mars
and today our Swedish partner asked for a new presentation of the project.


    Benny Nilsson
    Chief Executive Officer


     Carl Persson
     IT  Manager

Dynamic communication

An efficient, dedicated team and its quick response to emerging problems is the basis for applications that support such an advanced sales and production process, based on integration with external systems.

Stable cooperation and understanding needs

Despite many years of cooperation, we do not forget about a fresh look at what is happening in a project.

We are constantly developing our product together.

We focus on quality and user-oriented solutions

Tools used to work on the project