Systems for the industry furniture


Saturn manages complex variants, thanks to which technologists have at their disposal a powerful tool that greatly simplifies the management of diversified production. From now on, there is no need to calculate consumption standards for glues, paints, varnishes, pegs, staples, veneers, edges etc. It is enough to define the appropriate pattern and connect it to the norm material.

In addition, you can diversify consumption depending on many other parameters and make them dependent, for example, on the country and destination.

VINCI algorithms

Specialized optimization algorithms were created thanks to the combination of mathematical algorithms and the communication system whom whatching over the legendary Kanban production philosophy.


  • management: of fabric remains, cutting department, paint department, sewing department or woodworking,
  • implementation of the planning process in 100 seconds! thanks to VINCI, the division of works into cooperators.



LightGun2 is an application installed on scanners used to scan barcodes.