Sales systems

The most crucial task of the Saturn300 system is efficient management of sales and communication processes in a furniture store, as well as automatic communication between related entities in the furniture industry (salon – manufacturer – supplier). An unquestioned asset of Saturn300 is the ability to adapt the system to the individual needs of each manufacturer. Thanks to this, he has a chance to stand out among other companies on the market by using his own ideas and solutions to improve the operation of a given company.

The advanced communication module immediately notifies Customers about the stage of order realization, which strengthens the corporate image. Depending on the target client, the company can choose communication methods – from fax servers to informing by SMS. An electronic connection with the Saturn300 system allowed for delivery of verified information to the final customer.

Creating an article in a standard system is time-consuming. In the Saturn300 system, the same process will take much less time. In a standard system, creating 2 products in 60 fabrics requires defining 120 articles. Such an operation will take of 600 minutes for the average user. In the Saturn300 system, the same procedure requires the creation of 62 articles and dedication of only 60 minutes. The scheme of operation of individual functions (sales, entering, return mode and orders) is simple and transparent. Saturn300 has common keyboard shortcuts for all departments.


Regardless of whether the company trades with simple products or products requiring completion, BLUEWARE will adapt to the specifics of the company and the process of order registration will limit to the necessary minimum. During registration, it will inform you about available goods, calculate margins and inform what promotions the current price is based on. Of course, if there is a need, it will check the free warehouse stock, order the product from the supplier. iIt keep informs Clients on what realisation phase the order is

Regardless of the type and size of your warehouse, BLUEWARE will help you determine the warehouse stock, the number of free goods in stock, accounf for warehouse batches, check the rotation of goods and remaining or low-flaking goods at any time.

Features that distinguish the BLUEWARE system:


  • The module has been specially adapted for the furniture industry. The use of this functionality virtually immediately solves several key problems faced by entrepreneurs.
  • Thanks to the variant module, the number of articles in the database is definitely reduced, which improves the efficiency of the order service department.

Integration with the website

  • In addition, the connection to the website gives almost unlimited possibilities for building advanced promotional and marketing campaigns.


  • BLUEWARE also gives the possibility to import a database directly from the manufacturer in just 1 minute.