ITM Consulting

Lean Management audit

The main area of activities is to create and implement a continuous improvement strategy.

We carry out audits to determine the level of advancement of current management methods and develop a plan to implement improvements. It is a unique tool for production managers. The aim of the audit is to indicate areas, which change and improve will significantly affect the development of the company and enable achieving better results.

Our specialists performing the audit are people with great experience in the field of production management, Lean Management and work organization, which they gained in the largest and most modern production plants in the country and abroad, and which were introducing a number of changes and improvements at the stage of restructuring or development. The audit takes, depending on the scope, about 3 weeks. During this time, an in-depth documentation review is carried out, observation and analysis of processes is carried out as well as ongoing consultation of applications with the management staff.

The audit ends with the show of the report and the presentation of the conclusions, proposed improvement actions along with a description of the course of their implementation.

Benefits of the audit
• a thorough review and conclusions regarding all processes taking place in production plants;
• suggestions for optimization and changes that do not require large amounts of work and resources, and will allow a significant improvement in efficiency;
• the possibility of introducing modern solutions in the production areas as well as the administration of the production plant.