Business Intelligence

Reports are a tool known to everyone. Every company that controls its activity makes reports from time to time. The most often controlled area is the financial area and, in the case of the furniture factory, the production department. Most often these are reports done in Excel, which imposes large restrictions. An alternative to these activities are modern analytical systems defined by the general term Business Intelligence

These systems in an intuitive way allow you to connect to any data source, extract those associated with production, connect to the financial and accounting system and present any combination, both in the form of tables, as well as in graphical form, eg with the use of manager dashboards. Software support is so easy that anyone in the company can do it.

Advantages of the Business Intelligence platform:

  • improvement of business processes and operational efficiency,
  • increasing competitiveness on the market,
  • seeing new business opportunities,
  • increasing the flexibility of operation and innovative possibilities,
  • reduction of costs and improvement of financial liquidity, and consequently increase of income,
  • increasing the satisfaction of Customers and partners.