3D studio

3D visualizations

3D visualization is a computer technique that allows on create and present an object that does not necessarily exist in reality. The decisive element in the whole process is the effect achieved. Creating a picture of a piece of furniture that is not yet in a real shape is a much more practical solution,
because it allows you to eliminate the prototype production process. Visualization of such an object gives the opportunity to view it from every perspective and to assess whether the project has no flaws. Equally interesting is the use of visualization instead of photography. It is used more and more often when creating advertising brochures, website graphics, etc.

How do we work?

The process of creating furniture visualization in 3D begins with a detailed conversation with the client about his needs and expectations. An important point during such a conversation is to get to know the customer’s assortment. Most often, the basis for the work is provided documentation (drawings, photos, technical specifications with dimensions, etc.).

Vivid Works platform

VividWorks is a platform that offers virtual tools for configuring products. Thanks to them, the sales process becomes easier, profits increase. And the company’s offer is wider and more attractive.
The platform includes modules:

  • VividPlatform,
  • ProductComposer,
  • InteriorPlanner,
  • VividAR,
  • VividPlatform on the iPad.