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Meet the Saturn GOLDEN GATE

New functionalities

Internet of Things in your company.

The use of our intelligent solution will allow to reduce energy costs in individual rooms of the company, and in the manufacturing industry will open huge opportunities for companies to optimize entire supply chains through production analysis, which will enable identification of problems before their occurrence.

ITM IoT  is a system of transmitters and receivers that enable tracking of the objects location in a closed space, exposed to “smartSLAM” interference (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) using energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy technology for location of facilities in the company.

The ITM IoT system consists of three elements:
ITM beacon – transmitter,
• beacon scanner – to collect data from the transmitter,
• base station – to transfer data to the cloud.

Thanks to specialized algorithms within machine learning and integration with ERP-Saturn, the system is able to perfect itself with the help of accumulated experience (data) and acquire new knowledge on that basis, which in turn automates machine control processes and resource management.

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