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It’s time to patent Variability!

Personalized offers tailored to individual customer requirements are becoming more and more popular. They allow us to stand out and create our own exceptional product. Each of us has the need to have something special and unique, and the satisfaction is even greater when we have the feeling of co-creation. More and more manufacturers are offering us such solutions. The precursor that made it possible to design your own model of shoes was Nike. He was followed by other producers, such as Pandora, Kruk, Apart or Converse.

Why not try to introduce similar solutions with furniture? It is after all a purchase for years, which we use every day and we would like it to meet our expectations in 100%. It might seem that such solutions are troublesome and labour-intensive. Nothing more wrong. An ideal solution in this situation is the Saturn production management system. It is perfectly adapted to implement the variability of the product in furniture factories. It allows you to create many variants of upholstered and boxed furniture, at the same time reducing the articles in the base and a great saving of time devoted to manually entering all combinations.

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