Comfort Collection

Zbigniew Malinowski
Chairman of the Board

The decision about choosing a production control system is important for every entrepreneur. The efficiency and effectiveness of the factory’s operation depend on it. That is why we have familiarized ourselves with the ERP systems offer available on the market. We consciously decided to go to Saturn of ITM in Olsztyn. His directional control of furniture production and all the functions precisely serving our industry have made us satisfied with the choice we made. Distinctive function of Saturn is the organization of variants, which apart from multi-level calculations, communication modules and process automation distinguishes this system among other solutions known to us. We have been using the Saturn system for two years and we can recommend it to other manufacturers.

Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki
Plant director

We established Cooperation with ITM in 2009, when we were implementing the Saturn system. This system has provided us with all the benefits that result from a well-planned and constructed platform controlling the production of furniture. The individual Saturn modules allow to precisely supervise each stage of furniture production, enable management of materials management and order fulfillment processes along with defining material requirements. Cooperation with company employees turned out to be equally important. The ITM team are well-trained programmers and well-prepared implementers. Therefore, after two years of cooperation with ITM and the use of the Saturn system, we would knowingly want to recommend this product to other furniture manufacturers.

Radosław Szuszczewicz
ITM Sales Manager

Users of our system are furniture factories, but in each of them the production process looks completely different. This determines other solutions, not only from the system, but also the approach to the implementation itself. In the case of implementation in the Comfort Collection, we also tried to select those solutions that meet the specificity of the company, as well as guarantee the smooth operation of the factory in the future.

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